Best Online Prank platform, The PrankOWL.

Best Online Prank platform, The PrankOWL.

Fulfill Your Prank Desires!

Pranking someone is always been great fun for a long time. But now PrankOWL has taken this to next level by providing an online Fully Automated Prank platform. PrankOWL will fulfill every Prank Desires From sending pre-recorded messages to phishing dialer calls, you’ll have unlimited fun. Prankowl is one of the best prank call websites.

It is a great application to prank your friend and family as being very easy to use.

Anyone can use it to prank peoples with just a few clicks. With so many easy options like a loud prank, a fake call, etc., you can just do wonders to prank whoever you want.

There are numbers of the way one can prank anyone, have a look.

  • One can prank his/her friend by a fake call from the pizza outlet.
  • One can prank his/her friend by pretending an Army officer who wants your friend back to the Army.
  • One can prank his/her friend by pretending a Wildlife officer who informs about a tiger that is roaming freely.

Know how one can use prankOWL 

  • PrankOWL gives 3 free token points to every new user.
  • Users can use these 3 free tokens to prank call others. But usage of tokens depends upon the place where the user wants to make a call.
  • Users can choose from many cool pranks which are pre-recorded as audio massage.
  • PIZZA Prank:  in this a pizza joint call a prank victim about a pizza order.
  • Operator Prank: This is another great prank feature to help you get your friends to call. You can easily create funny situations while setting a caller ID for your friend’s phone. It means that you can easily set the number you want to see on your friend’s phone.
  • Fake calls: this option allows you to call a friend using a different number. This means that a different number will be displayed when you call. Do you want to know how? Take a look at the following steps:
  • Set the ID you want, which means you enter the number you want to see on your friend’s screen.
  • Enter your number when they contact you to call the number of your choice.
  • Enter the number you want to call.
  • The next step is to define the duration of the connection. The minimum is 1 minute, the longest 4 minutes.
  • Now press the button to initiate the call.

Auditory Feedback: One of the best options available on Prankowl is the ability to hear responses to any kind of prank you do, as well as other calls. To do this, select the option: listen to responses. “Once you select an option, you will get witty phone numbers from other users. These jokes are a priority for viewers.

Guide To Use PrankOWL

The entire application is convenient and you can easily play pranks. You will receive three tickets and depending on your location, you will be able to use them.

Steps to follow

  1. Visit the Prankowl website at
  2. Now choose a print option from the different options available.
  3. Enter the recipient’s number, and then enter the number to display on the recipient’s screen.
  4. Do you want to save everything? Enable logging.
  5. You can also enable or disable the voicemail search process.
  6. Now click on butter: start the call: to start a joke.
  7. Prankovl is a complete solution to some jokes. Moreover, it is safe because it promises that your number will be virtually secure and free from any kind of spam. In addition, you have the option of playing pranks on your friend a lot.