“CREEPY”, “FROSTY”, trailer is here of State Of Decay 3

The trailer of the State of Decay 3 is here. State of Decay titles is always about open-world zombie survival game. That includes supply runs, surviving, killing zombies, and many more. After the release of the SOD 2, the title has increased its fan following than its rivalsfuckingpornfree.comfuckingpornfree. In Microsoft’s  Xbox series X Showcase SOD 3 was in the top list of dedicated developed games for Xbox series X. The trailer of SOD 3 is the best of all State of Decay trailers still now, and it gave us all some hidden things which help us to understand the setting of the game, environment, physics, and many more. The trailer is quite intense. In the trailer, we are shown how cruel this game is going to be were nature is always trying to put u down.

We also wish to encounter many sinister undead creatures to be a part of the gameplay. According to the trailer As the tradition of State Of Decay, players are always supported by NPC to maintain their hope of surviving.

But this time it seems a bit different. There is only one character in the trailer.

So this might give a new experience of solo surviving with more “CREEPYNESS”.

The release date for SOD 3, is not announced yet.

The release date is not announced yet. According to the trailer, it looks like the game is in the first stage of development.

That makes its launch with Xbox series X a bit impossible. The teaser of SOD 3 doesn’t give a lot of info about the game.

But it shows the presents of live and undead animals in the game which were is not seen in any SOD titles before.