Filling this gap is that the LEAF Mask, this is the world’s 1st FDA-registered, a clear mask to very own N99-popular air filtering talents furthermore as a self-purifying feature, because of an in-constructed UV-C light. THE LEAF has designed this mask such users will connect, communicate with people around by staying safe behind the LEAF clear mask.

With this current scenario of COVID-19 virus and enterprise effects on society, we are carrying face masks similarly to all different accessories that we carry with us after we leave our homes.

whereas we tend to sometimes leave no stone right-side-up to emphasize our personality physical character, however because of this COVID scenario, we tend to are carrying those paper masks, cotton masks, and N-95 fabric masks.


They’re sensible however the issue is that they hide our identity, they didn’t match our corporate outfit and therefore the main issue they’re not reusable and these days they are to blame for the pollution. we tend to conjointly lose the reference to folks around us we are all confused concerning there facial features.



Image courtesy woman with leaf mask/ leaf.healthcare

In fact, you keep safe and you retain others safe, whereas still understanding their expressions. It permits us to be as on the brink of “normal” as we can be at present.

Design of the LEAF

LEAF is all concerning futurist style that matches with our dailies outfits as it was a part of it and keeping users safe behind the state of the art technology beneath this COVID irruption. Its clear feature is an appealing factor. he unibody mask is embodied in clear, medical-grade silicone polymer that gives a successful fit, making sure your face isn’t visually obscured by using an in any other case of an opaque mask. The designers have to place face transparency at the highest with microorganism safety.

They have style LEAF to suit most face sorts, to attain this fine snug-fitting all filters are placed close to the chin.

keeping your nose, mouth, and cheeks visible to the individuals around you. This inherently makes the mask friendlier, permitting others to envision your identity and browse your lips or facial expressions as you discuss with them.


The silicon used is developed with the antifogging surface. However, there’ll be no mask sweating downside with every breath you take. In theory, which means it may additionally doubtless permit your smartphone’s facial-unlock feature to figure with no need to require your mask off!

As user breath, air passes through a series of filters providing users 99.1% pure air.


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With N99+ HEPA, HEPA-Carbon filters and transparent silicon built make LEAF first in the world with all filters positioned around the chin. Another outstanding feature is that the self-purifying perform, probably thanks to tiny intrinsical UV-C light. LEAF comes in three variants: Leaf HEPA, Leaf UV, and Leaf PRO.

LEAF HEPA has the N99+ HEPA filtration & is extremist light-weight. The LEAF UV incorporates UV-C sterilization designed into the clear out housing destroying pathogens at the DNA level. Followed by Active-Carbon filtration to solid off-odors and organic. The LEAF pro adds energetic ventilation and air satisfactory sensing. It’s iOS/Android app-controlled ventilation as an Air-quality device that offers you detailed reports of the standard of the air around you. Deploying all of this cutting-edge tech permits the LEAF pro to deliver an overriding safe respiration experience.


leaf mast top view

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The LEAF comes in four totally different sizes to make sure it matches it comfortably to each user. By its clear style, challenges the market of opaque material and a paper mask. Right now the biggest problem of the country is the management of disposed of masks. However, LEAF features a resolution to the current drawback.



As LEAF mask are reusable and build to last long with medical-grade silicon and an aerospace-grade HEPA filter that last quite longer. Active sterilization makes the filters closing for up to a month.

However shift to clear masks, if realized with success, might have some lasting impacts on our society, permitting users.

To socialize effectively and strengthen bonds with our fellow humans, even from a secure distance!



leaf mask design

Image courtesy leaf mask/ leaf.healthcare

LEAF also has very personal N99 air filtering skills moreover as a self-purifying feature, due to an intrinsic UV-C light-weight.


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Image courtesy leaf product comparison/ leaf.healthcare

Image courtesy leaf product comparison/ leaf.healthcare

LEAF-HEPA – “Leaf” style as well as U-Series HEPA-filtration. Referred to as the Gold standard of HEPA filtration as tiny as zero.3 micrometers (with 99.9997% Filtration).

LEAF-UV – High performance contained UV-C sterilization. Engineered into the reversible filter housing Destroying pathogens at the DNA stage at “light” velocity. Followed by Active-Carbon filtration to eliminate odors With disposable masks raising companion imminent risk to nature. Active sterilization makes the filters to final for as much as a month.

LEAF-PRO – Adds active ventilation & air great sensing. However, LEAF-PRO by its app collects data from the users. Accordingly, the mask starts the Sterilization process. Deploying all that latest tech permits the LEAF professional to deliver a predominant safe respiratory expertise.



Proprietary LEAF Filter Cartridges

The Leaf UV and pro game a permanent excessive performance, SGS examined Anti-Microbial and Hydrophobic coating.

  1. Hydrophobic: In Hydrophobic coating, water droplets won’t remain on the surface of the mask.
  2. Anti-Microbial: take a look at the report from SGS it certifies to destroy 99.99% of the microbes. 
  3. Permanent: This nano-coating is permanent: This nano-coating is everlasting and survives ordinary washes from water and/or water with delicate soap.