Xbox Series S leaked with a sticker of $299.

Microsoft`s Slimmest Console, Xbox Series S leaked with a sticker of $299. Mircosoft`s Sleekest Console, The Series X  reportedly release on November 10th.

It is the first look of Series X. It is Mircosoft`s most compact next-gen Console with the codename  “Lockhart”.
It was all started with a post posted by Thurrott  which give as all clear views on design and structure and also about that price point of $299. If this leak is legit, Finally, We are going to see a white baby console that look-a-like Xbox One S.

It is vertically oriented with a big eye-catchy exhaust & vertically oriented logo. According to WalkingCat, a video says this baby Console is a much more grinned version of Series X.Realy it’s the slimmest console of all times. It seems this console is not having a Disk reader, it will use an external dedicated memory card. There`s a circular vent up top, like the one S, looks great.

In fact It was long known that Series S is coming. As it was boldly mentioned Series S in leaked Controler packaging.

According to sources,

Series S will cover around 4 teraflops of GPU Power, unlike the 12 in series X and 6 in Xbox one X. However, the Series S comes with additionally boosted CPU performance and faster SSD. Thus, this makes Series S run all next-gen-titles but not on 4k output.

If this price point of $299 is legit. Series S is indeed sweet option for entry-level gaming & don`t consider 4k gaming as there first need.