Top 5 GFUEL Shakers a gamer should have.

Top 5 GFUEL Shakers a gamer should have.

Have good GFUEL Shakers which can increase the aesthetics of the gaming environment.

GFUEL is getting quite popular nowadays & people are counting GFUEL Shakers as part of the “MUST HAVE” list. GFUEL always has a great collection of retro, funky, match your mood, and many more to choose from. 
But which one to choose so u have come to the right place where will help u to find the best Shaker which will match your needs.

Following is a list of the top 5 GFUEL Shakers 


Looking for something retro-styled moody kind to a thing then it is the best option for you.

The iconic powder black cup with the turquoise + hot pink accents has gotten the KSI treatment! Vibes for dayzzzzz!

 It is the best-designed shaker that will easily blend in your style and mood you are in. It is designed after the name of a famous YouTube Celebrity “The KSI” If you are a fan of KSI`s music, gaming, and his wonderful and little frightening laugh. Then you should definitely have this and u won’t regret it.


Are u a person who blends in every situation or love to be stealthy? Then The DIGI CAMO is the best option for you It is made to blend in any surroundings to give a stealthy feel to the gaming environment. 

Blend in. But also make a statement. Stand out. But also be hard to see. Confused? Good! Because this is the “DIGI CAMO” Shaker – The epitome of G FUEL camouflage technology!

It is cloudy transparent Shakers with a cool camouflaged logo.


Are you a Warrior full of Rage, how to want to Dominate the battlefield? Then The MFAM is the best pick for you as it shows how aggressive you are on the battlefield. It’s not only an aesthetics piece but also the medal of honor telling a story about your Dominance.

Do you wanna dominate in the arena?? Do you wanna be a member of an ELITE family of warriors?? And wanna look good AND feel good while doing it???


Are you a Call Of Duty gamer?  Then your every loadout is incomplete without The IMMORTAL Shakers. This Shaker is particularly designed and made for Call Of gamers to match their rage and aggression. It is proud of A proud member of the KARNAGE Clan! 

Your go-to source for Call of Duty tips, tricks, news, commentary, AND everything in between! A G FUEL Code March Madness Champion! A proud member of the KARNAGE Clan! This is “WHOS IMMORTAL”! And to celebrate his meteoric rise to CoD Creator fame, we’ve created a crispy-clean G FUEL Shaker in his honor – “THE IMMORTAL CUP” – The perfect addition to any G FUEL connoisseur’s loadout!


The BLACKED OUT Shaker is hard to miss because of its bold black impression! It is best a pick if you are a man of black, likes things simple or your gaming environment is based on a black theme. It is just a simple black Shaker but always leaves grate impression in every environment.    

As a fan-favorite staple within our lineup of Shakers, it’s easy to see why our Blacked-Out Cup has remained a go-to choice for so many – Clean, simple, refined, and timeless – It’s the George Clooney of Shakers.