Burger King Lunch Hours: What Time Does Burger King Start Serving Lunch ?

Knowing Burger King Lunch hours will help you to reach at your nearby BK outlet to grab your bite. Hence, here we will talk about what time does lunch end at Burger King, offers, and more such updates regarding BK lunch timings and menu.

Burger King’s fast food chain restaurants are located in more than 70 countries worldwide and offer a wide variety of platters to choose from. The best part is, people who wish not to consume meat can also enjoy Burger King lunch hours.

Burger King Lunch Hours

Burger King starts serving lunch menu from 10:30 am and is available until closing time (11:00 pm for most Burger King locations) for all seven days of the week.

What Time does Burger King Start Serving Lunch?

Lunch Hours at Burger King (BK) start right after Breakfast Hours. Lunch hours may differ during holidays and festivals at BK, so please ensure you are updated with the same. Also, the exact Lunch serving time is subject to change if its a 24-hour serving locations in your State.

Burger King Restaurants do offer lunch menu items during breakfast hours but not the other way around.

Monday10:30 amAll Day
Tuesday10:30 amAll Day
Wednesday10:30 amAll Day
Thursday10:30 amAll Day
Friday10:30 amAll Day
Saturday10:30 amAll Day
Sunday10:30 amAll Day

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Burger King Lunch Menu

Burger King offers a wide variety of food options and a special desserts and beverages menu to choose from. Please refer to the following items mentioning the Burger King Lunch Menu for each day of the week:

Sr. No.Burger King Lunch Hours Menu
3Double Quarter Pound King
4Texas Double Whopper
5Whooper Jr.
6Double Sourdough King
7Single Sourdough King
8Bacon Cheese Burger
9Egg Burger
10Impossible Whopper
12Rodeo Burger
13BBQ Bacon Crispy Chicken Sandwich
14Double Whopper
15Triple Whopper with Cheese
16Bacon King
17Bacon Double Cheeseburger
18Crispy Chicken Sandwich
19Chicken Fries
20Big King XL
21Big Fish
22Chicken Nuggets
23BK Veggie Burger
24BLT Chicken Jr.
25Veg Surprise Burger
26Veggie Strips (Side dish)
27Veg Whopper Burger
28Veg Chilli Cheese Burger
29Crispy Veg Supreme Burger
30Orange Floats
31Classic Frappe
32Black Currant Smoothie
33Chocolate Shake
34Chocolate Oreo Cookie  Shake
35Strawberry Shake
36Black current Sundae
37Vanilla Softie
38Cappuccino, Americano, Latte
39Cookie Crunch Sundae
40Mango Sundae

You can find the updated Burger King Menu. Here, you can type your address in the search bar and get access to Burger King Menu at your nearest location.


  1. If a customer wishes to be informed regarding the Calorie Count of each food item in the Burger King Lunch time Menu, Kindly visit https://company.bk.com/pdfs/nutrition.pdf for details.
  2. If a customer wishes to be informed regarding the Allergens of each item in the Burger King Lunch time Menu, Kindly visit https://origin.bk.com/pdfs/allergens.pdf for more information.

Burger King Lunch Offers

Below are some of the exciting lunch offers you can grab during Burger King lunch menu hours.

1 Croissan’wich or 1 OCS or 1 Whopper Free w/ Purchase $3+ (New Users) $3+
Family Bundle- Three Cheeseburgers,Three Whoppers & Three French Fries (s) $22
Oreo Shakes-2 $6
Double Whopper and Fries(s)$5.50
Snack Box- Nuggets (8 Pc.), Cheeseburger, Fries (s) and Soft Drink (s)$5
Small Whopper Meal- Small Fries (s), Flame Grilled Whopper and Soft Drink (s)$6
Two Whopper Jr. Sandwiches & Two French Fries (s)$5
Medium Bacon King Meal- Bacon King, Fries (m), and Drink (m)$9
Small Woppher Meal for Two- Two Classic French Fries (s), Two Drink (s), Two Wopphers$9.99
2 Original Chicken Sandwhiches and 2 Fries (s)$5.99
9 Pc. Chicken Fries and French Fries (L)$4
BOGO- Buy one Whopper and Get another Whopper for Free$5.19
Double Cheeseburger, French Fries (s), and Soft Drink (s)$4
French Fries (L)$1
Large Onion Rings$1

Note: Prices and Food Combos are subject to change at Burger King Restaurants. Please visit BK’s official website for updated offers on the Lunch Menu:

Burger King Customer Service

You can reach out to Burger King customer care representative through the contact information given in the table below:

Contact NumberDayTime
 1(866) 394-2493Monday-Friday9 am to 5 pm CST

 OR Customers can submit their feedback by filling the form on contact us page here.

FAQs on BK Lunch

How to Find Burger King Store in my Area?

Visit Burger King Store Locator on your web browser to find the nearest Burger King locations.In the search bar, type your current location and click the search button. Now, you would be directed to the list of BK Stores in your area.

Does Burger King have a Chicken Sandwich on their Lunch Menu?

Yes. Burger King offers Crispy Sandwich made with white meat fillet chicken (100%) during lunch hours along with BBQ bacon sandwich, hamburger, whoppers, and much more.

What are the 2 for $5 at Burger King?

BK offers Mix and Match Meals to its customers. One can grab two sandwiches for only $5! per Match Meal. This offer includes Alaskan Fish Sandwich, Original Chicken Sandwich and Whopper Sandwich.

How can I get Burger King Whoppers for 37 Cents?

If Customers at Burger King wishes to avail of this “37 cents Offer”, they should be a Burger King Royal Perks Member. Here, in the BK Loyalty Program, the customer needs to signs up the program. So, in case you are a loyal member, a BK customer, and staying in the United States, you are Lucky! You can avail this offer.

What are the Busiest Hours at Burger King Restaurant?

Burger King restaurants are usually the busiest during dinner & lunch hours. During Burger King lunch timings, roughly from 12pm to 2pm and during BK dinner hours, which falls in the middle of 5 pm and 7 pm the restaurant is the busiest.

Does Burger King Serve Lunch All Day?

Burger King restaurants are allowed to serve lunch items all day, including during breakfast hours. Ordering lunch items at Burger King during breakfast, on the other hand, may result in a longer wait time and limited item availability.


Burger King is one of the top food chain restaurants in the United States. Here, people are offered with a great variety of food combinations, beverages and amazing offers to avail from.

A common man can afford Lunch Menu at Burger King Restaurants as it is economical as well as tasty and the best part is, it is available all day long!

To add, Burger King even has different Breakfast Menu and Holiday Menu especially customised for its diverse customers.

In case a customer wishes to avail more offers and services they can subscribe to Burger King’s Royal Perks and become a Member.

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