How Long Is A Minecraft Day And Night?

This article covers everything you need to know about the how long is a minecraft day and night?

A day in Minecraft can seem like a long series of adventures.

However, it’s the night that puts you in your survival mode quite literally. With the end of the daylight cycle, the safety of Minecraft day vanishes and the dangers of the night cycle set in. Hence, it is important that Minecraft players know how long a Minecraft day and night is.

How Long Is A Minecraft Day ?

The short answer is that a day in Minecraft lasts for 20 minutes. It is 72 times faster than real-time and involves the two light settings of Minecraft: day and night.

However, this is just the half story, and there is way more information we need to dig up about the daylight cycle in Minecraft. Read ahead till you reach the bedrock of it.

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What Is The Duration Of The Day And Night In Minecraft?

The Solar cycle of Minecraft runs faster than that of the real world and runs on a tick system, so one whole day in Minecraft is equivalent to 24,000 ticks which in real-world is parallel to 20 minutes. With this relation, you can estimate the relationship between the daylight cycle of the real world and the one in Minecraft.

While the day in Minecraft is 10 minutes long, the night clock runs for 7 minutes. Apart from this, the Minecraft day can actually be divided into 4 segments:

1. The Day

Your Minecraft game will start at 6.00 am with a fresh day till the clock reaches 18.00 pm extending for 10 minutes in real-time. If the weather is clear, you will see a bright blue sky and the sun, else the light settings will be a little lower. It is this time you can conduct all your Minecraft activities smoothly.

2. The Dusk

The sunset is seen at 18.00pm and will last till 19.00 (1 and a half minutes in real-time). The sky changes its hue to rustic orange and slowly merges into deep blue shades. It is here the light level falls as low as 4.

3. The Night

After dusk, the moonlight takes over. You will face the dangerous mobs and creepers till the sun rays hit the land again. The nighttime will extend from 19.00pm to 05.00 am exactly for 7 minutes.

4. The Dawn

The last stage of the day is the dawn of the next day. From 05.00 am to 06.00 am, dawn takes place lasting over 90 seconds. Once again, you will see the shift in the colors of the sky as the sun brightens up everything.

Trivia: if you play Minecraft for 24 hours in the real world you will cover 2.4 months or 72 days, according to the Minecraft

The Minecraft Time Cycle

Knowing the Minecraft clock system will let you recognize the most suitable time to explore, protect yourself, dig, trade, plan and carry out other activities. Take a look at the sections below:

The Morning, Dawn, And Midday

  • At 6.00 am (0 ticks), the day begins in Minecraft.
  • It is at 06.10 am that the moon disappears from the horizon.
  • At 2,000 ticks or 8.00 am the villagers begin their work.
  • Your Minecraft clock is how midday at 5,723 ticks (11.43 am) and
  • By 12.00 pm, midday will be at its peak.

By now, you have only spent 5 minutes playing Minecraft.

The Afternoon, Dusk And Night

  • 15. 00 pm, the villagers end their work and move ahead to socialize.
  • At 17.50 pm, the moon appears on the horizon and exactly at 18.00 pm, the Minecraft sunset begins.
  • The dusk approaches from 18.36 pm till 18.47 pm.
  • At 19.00 pm, the Minecraft night clock has set in. 
  • 11 pm or 13,188th tick marks the spawning of monster outdoor (clear weather).
  • Meanwhile, the skylight keeps on dropping till it reaches level 4 at 19.42 pm

10 minutes have passed since the game began.

The Midnight and Early Morning

  • It will mark midnight when your Minecraft clock will show 00.00 or 18,000 ticks, and now you have been playing for exactly 15 minutes.
  • In the next 3 and half minutes, you will again see the sun appearing on the horizon.
  • As the Minecraft clock hits 5.00 am, the sunrise sets forth.
  • By 5.27 am, the bees and the birds wake up while the undead mobs burn away.
  • 6. 00 am the next day has begun.

You have completed 20 minutes in the real world.

Trivia: If the Commands option is enabled, you can easily set a desirable time in your Minecraft game with the /time command.

To enable the day-night clock use this command: /gamerule doDaylightCycle [true/false].

To set a particular time use /time set command in this syntax: /time set <00 day.

How to Tell Time in Minecraft?

The simplest way of telling Minecraft time is by crafting a clock in Minecraft. This will require you to go to the furnace and then to the crafting grid.

Here take a look at these steps:

1. Begin with making 4 Gold Ingots in the furnace by smelting the ores.

2. The next ingredient you need is 1 Redstone Dust.

3. Place the Gold Ingots and Redstone dust in th crafting grid.

A clock will be added to your inventory.

Tip: The command for Clock in Java, Xbox, PS, Nintendo, Win10, edu is: /give @p clock 10

How To Fast Forward Time In Minecraft?

There are times while playing Minecraft that you can get impatient and wish all the tasks could get over in a wink.

Well, you can.

By altering the gamerule command in Minecraft, you can change the random tick speed and grow crops faster, quicken the hatching of turtles, decaying of leaves, and even spreading of fire. Follow these steps:

  • Once you enter the Minecraft world, navigate to the chat bar by entering ‘/’
  • Your command-tab will appear here type /gamerule random Tick Speed [ ]

Enter your desired tick speed in place of the brackets.


  • You can change the random tick speed manually while constructing your custom Minecraft world. Find the world’s setting and click random tick speed.
  • The random tick speed for the Java version is 3, and for the Bedrock edition, it is 1.

The Dangers of Minecraft Nighttime

Understanding the Minecraft cycle can help you advance your gameplay and survive longer in the ever-changing Minecraft world. As the night cycle sets in, hostile and lethal creatures spawn, creating an extra threat to your survival. Unfriendly mobs, skeletons, zombies, spiders and many more dangers come for you.

Secondly, going on for 3 Minecraft days without sleep will introduce you to creatures called phantoms. Hence saying in a shelter at night is most recommended for armatures players.

Note: The Minecraft time or the specific tick on which the unfriendly mobs spawn differs if the weather is not clear. On a rainy day, these troublesome creatures can spawn earlier than the usual time.

FAQS on Minecraft Day and Night

How Long Is 100 Days In Minecraft In Minutes?

100 days in Minecraft will parallel to 33 hours in real-time. To calculate the duration of Minecraft days use this simple formula: Real-time = Minecraft days X 20 ÷ 1,440

How Long Is 1000 Ticks In Minecraft?

1000 ticks in Minecraft will be equal to 50 seconds. The relation between Minecraft day-night ticks and real-time is that 20 ticks = 1 second.

What Time Is Dusk In Minecraft?

Dusk in Minecraft is represented by 12000 ticks or 18.00 pm and change in the skylight. You can set Dusk time by using the /time set 12000 command.

Wrap Up

Even in Minecraft, the proverb ‘Time is Money’ stands true. With accurate time knowledge, you can do wonders in Minecraft and beat every threat away once you get the Minecraft day and night cycle control in your hand.

Janvi Patel