How To Drag Click On Any Mouse?

In this article You will explore what is drag clicking technique, how to drag click, and what are some best drag clicking mouse.  

Drag Clicking with mouse is the newest term in gaming world. Almost all competitive gamers know how to drag click with any mouse which helps them to improve their game performance

What is Drag Clicking?

Drag Click is a clicking method utilized in electronic gaming setups. It requires the player to drag his/her finger across the mouse buttons with force to generate and hence record more clicks.

Games like Minecraft require a higher degree of ‘click per second or CPS.’ Hence, users adopt techniques like drag click to gain a competitive advantage over other players. It lets you move, mine, build, collect items, attack and combat faster.

How Does Drag Click Work?

The answer is friction. Once you move your fingers across the mouse button, the friction generated creates vibrations that are registered by the mouse as more clicks. 

How to Drag Click?

In order to master how to drag click correctly, you need to understand that drag clicking requires combination of multiple things. Below is a step-by-step guide to learn the art of drag click with any mouse.

Step1: It all begins with making sure your hands and mouse surface is clean and dry.

Tip: Does your hand get sweaty while gaming? This is a common problem and can be countered by simply applying a tape to the bottom.

Step2 : Next, determine the proper hand positioning. Make sure you get a comfortable grip on the mouse.

The thumb and index fingers on the opposite sides, while the ring and middle fingers lie over the mouse buttons.

Step3 : It’s time to drag click with your mouse. Whisk your wrist an angle and gently press down the button. Keep your movement downward towards the front part of the mouse.

Tip: Remember to be gentle with your movements; pressing too hard will not be effective.

With this, you have learnt how to drag click. With constant practice, you will improve you CPS score.

Note:  It is known fact that the world record for CPS is set at 14.1, however a gamers’ CPS is around 6.51.

3 Ways to Test Drag Click

To test your drag clicks you can utilize the following ways:

1. Take a Test Via Online Tools

There are uncountable sites where you can test your CPS using drag clicking. YU can visit sites and take the test for free. It will provide you a CPS score at the end of time limit. Few useful links are given below:

Note: Few sites may have ad-supported features.

2. Test Your Skill in Minecraft

Minecraft is most fun way to test your drag click skills. Load the game and enter the build mode. Once this is done, try to place multiple blocks at once using the drag click technique.

3. Take the Kohi Test

The Kohi click test is featured on Minecraft server and is popular for Hard core faction game modes. The test is simple Click on the grey panel to begin the game. Continue clicking within the grey area, till the timer goes off. The final score is presented as the timer ends.

Best Mice for Drag Clicking

Technically, mice where the mouse button is not separate from the rest of the body is considered to be better for Drag Clicking. Such structure provides faster bounce-back time for drag clicking. For example:

  • Roccat Kone AIMO
  • Razer DeathAdder Elite
  • G502
  • Golorous

Best Tape for Drag Clicking

Silicone Grip Tape, Razer Tape, and Electrical Tape are the top 3 picks of Drag clickers. Tapes can be very handy during drag clicking with a mouse. They act as sweat barriers, grip providers, and even friction enhancer.

What are The Benefits Of Drag Clicking?

Where can you use drag clicking and what’s the purpose of drag clicking? It is a common question among many new Drag clickers. There are various benefits of drag clicking with mouse, let’s take a look at them:

Many competitive Minecraft players use drag clicking to get higher CPS which allows them to collect and build faster in the game. Higher CPS also comes with an advantage in gaming combats. 

Another way how drag click can help you improve your game is through FPS games or First Person Shooter games like Call of Duty: Vanguard, Valorant, Halo Infinite and even Titanfall 2.

It provides you a better gaming score and advantages over your opponent. Suppose an average player with CPS of 6.5 has lower chances to stand against a dag clicker with least CPS of 30.

What are The Disadvantages Of Drag Clicking?

First and foremost it damages the mouse. Constant clicking and strain by drag clicking with any mouse reduce the service life of the mouse.

Secondly, in many games drag clicking is seen as unfair means of playing. Many Minecraft servers even ban players that drag click. Hypixel, SaicoPVP, and Mineplex, are few of them.

While few have no strict policy against drag clicking with mouse, many hold a strong stance against auto clickers. To distinguish between the two is hard and as a result those seen with suspicious CPS can get ban.

What are Some Different Clicking Methods?

Butterfly Clicking and Jitter Clicking are other two mouse clicking methods.

Butterfly clicking technique involves you to speedily hit the mouse with two fingers alternatively. This allows you to gain more clicks and increase your CPS score.

Jitter Clicking with mouse is a harder technique to master. It requires stamina and arm strength to Jitter Click while gaming. All you need to do is click mouse button at high speed to create hand vibrations. These then turn into mouse clicks.

FAQs on How to Drag Click

Is it Possible to Drag Click On Any Mouse?

It is not possible to drag click on any mouse. It is best to use a gaming mouse with rough surface to create friction for multiple clicks to be registered. A mouse that is too delicate can spoil the whole game.

Is Drag Clicking Cheating?

Many games consider Drag click as unfair. Games like Minecraft and WatchDog have limit the score of CPS, so you can sue drag click whiling gaming these games as long as you do not have abnormally high CPS.

Can You Drag Click On The New Macbook Pro Or The Chromebook?

Exact replication of Drag clicking on Macbook pro or Chromebook isn’t possible. Often, many get confuse between ‘drag click’ and ‘drag and click’. Though one can stimulate it on Macbook and Chromebook, it is not even closer to actual drag clicking with mouse.

How Good Is The G502 At Drag Clicking

Logitech’s G502 is very suitable for drag clicking. With the unique structure you get a comfortable grip and the adjustable weight profile it gives an extra competitive edge to the player.


That is all you need to know about how to drag click, through this tiny encyclopedia on drag clicking with mouse improve your gaming skills to the pro level.

Janvi Patel