After 1.13 Minecraft update, the biome is full of sea pickles, coral reefs, icebergs, and all sorts of sea creatures. One of the attractive items in the biome is Seagrass! In this article, you will learn how to get seagrass in Minecraft.

Apart from the frozen water, the seagrass grows in every part of the ocean floor which has gravel, sand, dirt and clay. The most exciting part is that there are several uses of seagrass in Minecraft apart from decoration. Here, we will also talk about how to farm, pick, and find seagrass in Minecraft.

What is Minecraft Seagrass?

Seagrass or Seaweed in Minecraft is a group of solid green blocks under the sea. Mind well that the seagrass is only found underwater and farmed inside water bodies.

It is impossible to harvest seagrass from land, as the name suggests, “Sea” grass. Turtles in Minecraft love to eat seagrass, which enables them to breed as well.

Fun Fact: After their death, sea turtles drop 0–2 seagrass and 1 bowl if killed by lightning. But it is suggested against killing turtles as plenty of seagrass is available on the sea bed. Also, baby turtles do not drop any seagrass after they die.

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How to get Seagrass in Minecraft?

At the bottom of a gorge base, you might need seagrass to build the cushioning or an amazing pond for your base’s garden with an aquatic environment. So, here are the essentials and the steps you need to get seagrass in Minecraft: 

Items Required to Harvest Seagrass

Following are the items required to farm seagrass in Minecraft: 


Following are the steps to build a shear in Minecraft:

Step: 1 To build a shear, the player requires two iron bars. The iron can be found underground through mining.

Step: 2 Then, you can turn the iron into iron bars by putting it through the furnace.

Step: 3 Once you have two iron bars, you can build a shear on the crafting table.

Additional : Players can also use coal, which can also be found underground through mining. The coal can be used by putting it through furnace and using the same as the shears. 

Easy Steps to get Seagrass: Minecraft

Following are the steps to collect Minecraft seagrass through a Shear: 

Step: 1 “Right-click” on your mouse to use your shear while you are near the seagrass.

Step: 2 Now, “left click” on your mouse button to cut it. 

Step: 3 Once the seagrass is cut pick it up by clicking on it before it disappears.

Wow! You got the seagrass! Enjoy using it as you wish.

Note: You cannot get seagrass without using a shear

Top 5 Uses of Seagrass in Minecraft

Seagrass uses in Minecraft

Seagrass has several purposes in Minecraft. They are helpful for the sea turtles, and for players for building Minecraft world. Sea turtles can also be an indirect medium to help the player get seagrass. The uses are illustrated in the points below:

Following are some amazing uses of Minecraft Seagrass:

  • Seagrass helps to breed sea turtles, and it is their favourite thing to eat.
  • It can accelerate the growth of baby sea turtles once fed.
  • It is helpful to block the flow of lava and protect oneself. 
  • It can be used to make a Bone Meal as it helps you to increase your compost level by 30%.
  • It can be used for decorative purposes while building your Minecraft world.

Supported Platforms for Minecraft Seagrass

The following table has details regarding the gaming platforms and their versions on which seagrass in Minecraft is supported- 

PlatformsSeagrass Supporting Version
Nintendo Switch1.5.0
Pocket Edition (PE)1.4.0
Windows 10 Edition1.4.0
Xbox One1.4.0
Xbox 360TU69
WiiUPatch 38
Education Edition1.4.0
Java Edition (PC/Mac)1.13

Seagrass FAQs in Minecraft 

Where to find Seagrass in Creative Mode (Minecraft Java Edition)?

In the Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) versions 1.13-1.19, the seagrass can be found in the Creative Inventory menu inside Decoration Blocks on your screen. You can use this seagrass to build your pond or gorge bed in Minecraft.

What Are The Types Of Seagrass In Minecraft?

Usually, there are two types of seagrasses. A normal and a tall one. The tall one has more is more resourceful than the normal-sized one. A Minecraft player can build tall seagrass by applying bone meal on the ocean floor. A bonemeal accelerates the growth of a normal size seagrass. 

How To Grow Seagrass Through Bone Meal In Minecraft?

To make a bone meal, one needs bones. The best way to get bones is by killing skeletons. These skeletons can be found in caves at night. Make sure you are shielded before going to war with them. Bones can also be found in desert temples, jungle temples, woodland mansions, dungeon chests and also through fishing.

Once you have the bone, you can construct 3 bonemeals on the crafting table by using 1 bone. Next, Place the bone meal on non-transparent blocks by clicking the “right mouse button” to grow seagrass.

Wrapping it up 

Minecraft is the most sold video game that has always been gamers’ favourite. On top of it, all kinds of age groups can enjoy this game.

Nowadays, seagrass has been gaining its popularity because of its own distinct features and number of uses in Minecraft.

One can grow seagrass through bone meal, and can harvest it through a shear. Also, turtles in Minecraft are very much related and dependent on seagrass for growth and breeding. That was all about  How to get Seagrass in Minecraft. Enjoy gaming!

Janvi Patel