In the large and constantly updated world of video games, it is quite difficult to find a truly exciting game. Many are released incomplete or with a lot of bugs. It also happens that a game simply does not capture attention; its plot or gameplay does not inspire a desire to continue playing.

But do not despair, because the world is still full of talented developers and games that can be called hidden gems.

Let’s go through the steps that will help you stay up to date with the latest game releases and news in the world of video games.

Tips for Discovering Underrated Games in the Gaming Market

Follow Gaming Influencers and Blogs

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These bloggers often know more than others about upcoming releases of new games. They can share their thoughts and impressions about various games, as well as recommend new ones that you might have overlooked.

Explore Different Platforms

Nowadays, there’s a huge variety of platforms where you can purchase video games. One of the most popular is Playusout. If you’re looking for games on different platforms, you can get more diverse results. Some platforms may host games that aren’t available anywhere else.

Visit Gaming Expos

You should definitely visit one of these expositions, If you’re interested in the gaming industry. They showcase a variety of games, the latest technologies, and innovative ideas from both leading companies and independent developers. These expos provide a great opportunity to chat with industry professionals and get an idea of the latest trends and developments.

Monitor Gaming Awards

It’s no surprise that games that win or are nominated for awards often turn out to be the best options on the market. They capture attention with their development budget, exciting gameplay, or incredible plot.

Check Out Indie Games

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Some of the most innovative games on the market are created by independent developers. These talented individuals and small teams work outside the mainstream gaming industry and push the boundaries of what is possible in game design and storytelling. Their work is free from limitations and often leads to the creation of truly unique gaming experiences.

Participate in Beta Testing

Many developers need beta testers before the official release. You will be able to see the main distinctive features of the game. This can be a chance to discover something new and unique.

Explore Crowdfunding Platforms

Many independent games are funded through crowdfunding, making these platforms ideal for finding unique new games. The projects available on these platforms offer a wide range of unique concepts and creative ideas. Crowdfunding allows players to interact directly with developers, making the game more personal and player-oriented.


it’s quite difficult to find a really good game if you don’t make an effort. Find new people who are interested in games, try new genres, and explore new platforms such as Although it takes effort and patience, the reward of discovering a hidden gem is worth it. After all, an exciting game can provide many positive emotions that we all need so much!

Janvi Patel