Plenty of Fish Search Without Registering (POF Update 2024)

plenty of fish search without registering

Plenty of Fish Search without registering is no more working for unregistered users. In the new website design, anonymous POF search (basic, advance, username) options have been terminated.

Previously, unregistered users could search the POF website registration. Hence, anyone could utilize the Basic Search, Advanced Search, and the POF Username Search to fish out a suitable date.  

But, with the launch of the updated Plenty Of Fish interface, users are not allowed to browse plenty of fish without sign up.

How so ever, knowing how to search Plenty Of Fish without signing in can help you to look for POF profiles easily.  

This article will cover every aspect of Plenty Of Fish search options so that you know the steps people were used previously for POF search without registering.

So without any further ado, let’s unravel how to search Plenty Of Fish without joining.

3 Ways for Plenty of Fish Search without Registering

You can utilize the Basic search option, Advanced Go Fishing option, or even the POF Username Search tab to look at various profiles on the Plenty Of Fish dating site.

Each search option involves a unique set of qualities that you can select to filter out a POF profile closest to your preference.

Here, I will demonstrate all steps for each search type available on Plenty Of Fish, which are:

  1. Basic Search
  2. Advanced Search
  3. Username Search

1. Basic POF Search

The most fundamental form of search option on Plenty of Fish is the basic search. The steps included in ti are given below: 

Step1: Launch the Plenty Of Fish App or homepage. 

Step2: Head to the top navigation menu and select the Search>>Basic Search tab. 

POF click on search

Step3: Tick out all the required filters that suit your date type and finally, click the Go Fishing button.

pof basic search

By the time you complete these 3 steps, many matching POF profiles will be listed on your screen. The basic search options on the Plenty Of Fish dating site include the most fundamental checklist for your dating life. 

With fill-up sections like:

  • I’m a male/female
  • Seeking (suitable gender criteria)
  • Age bar (18 to ..)
  • Location (State, City, Area)
  • Body Type
  • etc. 

2. POF Advance Search

You would be wrong if you thought the basic search was the most detailed Plenty Of Fish search option. This dating site also allows you to use plenty of fish search by postal code feature. 

If you are particular about your date, the POF Advanced Search is your remedy. Here are the steps you should take: 

Step1: Reach the Search section on the homepage of Plenty Of Fish. 

Step2: Select the Advanced Search tab exactly next to the default Basic Search bar. 

pof advance search options
pof advance search options

Step3: Select the right options describing the characteristics of your date and select the Go Fishing tab. 

You can select from endless filters in the Advance Search section. A few of them are:

  • Location (Postal Code, Province, City, State, Country)
  • Maximum & Minimum Height
  • Hair & Eye Color
  • Culture, Religion, Ethnicity
  • Body Type
  • Education level & Second Language
  • Income & car ownership
  • Family Orientation, Marital Status, User with Children
  • Habits (Drinking, smoking, drugs)
  • Personality 
  • Distance
  • Etc. 

3. How To Search Username On POF Without Sign Up

Do you have someone in your mind and want to look for their profile on Plenty Of Fish? Say less, because your go-to solution is the username search option on the POF site. 

You can browse POF to get those profiles that match the username you want. Here are the steps to go fishing with usernames on the Plenty Of Fish dating site/ App:

Step1: On your web browser, open the Search tab present on the top menu of your screen.

Step2: Move towards the last section titled ‘Username Search. 

pof username search
pof username search

Step3: lastly, enter the username you want to look for and hit the Find User tab. 

You will see all the POF profiles with the searched username appearing on your screen. All that you need to do is skim through them to find the desired person. 

Update: All these POF search features are no longer available to non-registered users. You will need to sign up on Plenty Of Fish to use the POF Search Options.

How to Find Someone On Plenty Of Fish 2024?

There is only one way available to search for someone on Plenty Of Fish, and it is by signing up on the POF platform. 

You can still use the basic, advanced search on Plenty Of Fish for free, while for username search, you need to take a premium subscription. 

But first, you need to register as a user. Hence you should know all the ways to sign up for POF. 

Here, I will talk about 3 ways you can register on the POF dating site and finally use POF search options. 

These methods are:

  1. POF Desktop Registration 
  2. Mobile Browser POF Sign up
  3. Using the Plenty Of Fish App 

The steps of POF registration are more or less similar among the 3 methods, the only thing you should be worry about is using the right URL. 

Take a look at the following steps:

Step1: Depending upon your signing-in method, select the right URL from below, and select the Register tab from the upper right corner of the page.  

Note: If you are using the App to register as a POF user, simply select Sign Up instead of Register. 

Step2: After this, fill in the right information as and when the system prompts.

Note: This will include typing your Name, creating a username and password, feeding in your phone number, gender, zip code, dating preference, gender, etc. 

Step3: Lastly, complete the 2-factor authentication from your phone and tap on continue. 

Note: For other method of user verification, write to the POF customer care desk at

Once this is done, you can put in a few pictures of yourself and begin customizing your POF profile. And continue to search. 

Now that you are a user of the Plenty Of Fish dating platform, you can easily browse POF profiles via a desktop/ mobile browser or the POF app. 

Let’s look at each method in detail:

Search POF on Browser 2024

Now that you have a Plenty Of Fish account, you can easily search for your ideal date across millions of profiles.

What is even better with the POF browser search is that it takes just 5 steps to fish out potential matches for you to choose from. 

Take a peek at these steps in detail: 

Step1: Launch the Plenty Of Fish login page on your desktop or mobile browser, and complete the login process. 

Step2: Once on your profile dashboard, head to the 3-line menu icon on the top-left corner of your screen

Step3: Select the Search icon from the side window. 

Step4: Fill in all the criteria for your date type from endless filters

Note: This section in the updated version of Plenty Of Fish is a combination of Basic and Advanced searches. 

Step5: Finally, select the Go Fishing option to get all the matching profiles. 

Browser Dating Profiles On POF App

Using the Plenty Of Fish App for searching for the right date is super easy with a user-friendly interface and efficient navigation. 

You can search POF profiles in just 5 steps on the Plenty Of Fish dating app. These are given below in detail: 

Step1: Open the Plenty Of Fish App on your phone and click on the login button. 

Step2: After this, head to the bottom navigation bar and select the 3-line icon on the left side of the heart icon. 

Step3: On the top-most section, select the Search>>Refine Search options. 

Step4: Set all the necessary filters for your search result. 

Step5: Select the Find My Match options to finally search for a matching POF profile. 

FAQs on Plenty of Fish Search

Can I search POF without signing up?

It is no longer possible to search POF without signing up. No non-registered user can use any POF search options, including Basic, Advanced, and Username search that previously were available to all.

How to find locals on POF?

Use the Refine Search feature to find locals on the Plenty Of Fish browser or app. You can select the desired Zip code, and Province to find a suitable match. 

Can You Search POF By Username?

You can use username search on Plenty Of Fish on subscribing to its premium plan. After the upgrade, you can head to the search>>Refine search >>Username Search.

Wrap UP

With this, you are fully ready to Go Fishing in adventurous and sweet dating life. However, remember to abide by the rules of the POF dating  platform. Keep searching till you find your perfect match. So, I think this article helped you to know about Plenty of Fish Search Without Signing Up.

Janvi Patel