How Students Can Use Kahoot With Smart Practice Mode?

Nowadays, it is possible that the students can easily make use of Kahoot with smart practice mode.

Kahoot Adds A Smart Practice Mode

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A new way for the students has specifically added by Kahoot for the students so that they can use the free Kahoot Android and iOS apps. Playing of games is generally a new way to use the apps and this is the main reason, why, Kahoot is calling it Smart Practice Mode.

With the help of this new Smart Practice mode, Kahoot provides an important opportunity for the students for focusing on those questions which they gave answered incorrectly at the time of a Kahoot game or challenge.

Three Important Smart Practice Phases

Usually, this smart practice works in three phases.

The first phase involves immediate trying of the questions whereas the second phase focuses on trying these questions again after 24 hours.

Finally, the third phase has the students who are involved in trying the questions after 48 hours.

It is always very important to note that this Smart Practice is only available on the Kahoot mobile apps but not in the web browser version.

How Smart Practice Works?

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After playing off a live kahoot or a challenge, the learners can easily access smart practice.

When they have answered some of the questions incorrectly, they will be promoted to start it after the completion of the game.

Why Are There Intervals Between Steps In Smart Practice?

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Mainly, this smart practice is based on two learning methods known as testing and also spacing.

The spacing is very helpful to retain important concepts and information in a much better way.

So, it is evident from the above section that in this way, the students can preferably make use of Kahoot with the smart practice mode.


1. What Is Kahoot’s Smart Practice Mode?

Kahoot’s Smart Practice Mode is an exciting feature on Android and iOS apps of Kahoot that allows students to focus on incorrect answers during Kahoot games or challenges.

This function enables students to examine what may have caused those incorrect responses during gameplay or challenge mode of Kahoot, making for more targeted learning for all involved!

2. How Does Smart Practice Mode Operate?

The Smart Practice Mode works through three stages. Immediately reviewing incorrectly answered questions is followed by 24 and 48-hour reviews following initial game or challenge playbacks, for a total of 6 reviews over time.

3. Where can students access Smart Practice Mode?

Smart Practice Mode can only be found within Kahoot mobile applications and cannot be reached from web browser versions of Kahoot.

4. When can students utilize Smart Practice Mode?

Students can access Smart Practice Mode after participating in a live Kahoot game or challenge where they answered some incorrectly, which then prompts a Smart Practice session after its conclusion.

5. Why are there intervals in Smart Practice sessions?

Smart Practice’s intervals between steps are determined by two effective learning techniques – testing and spacing. Spacing helps retain information better by offering frequent review sessions over time.

6. How can Smart Practice Mode help students?

Smart Practice Mode enables students to identify areas for improvement by reviewing questions they answered incorrectly in Smart Practice mode and targeted practice that aims at strengthening learning and retention of key concepts.

7. Can teachers track student progress using Smart Practice Mode?

Currently, Kahoot’s Smart Practice Mode does not feature tracking features for teachers; however, students may take advantage of personalized practice sessions in order to reinforce their learning.

Final Words

Kahoot’s introduction of Smart Practice Mode represents a substantial advance for students using its platform.

Available free on Android and iOS apps, students can now engage in new forms of learning through gameplay via Smart Practice Mode’s ability to focus on any questions that were incorrectly answered during games or challenges, providing targeted review and reinforcement of key concepts.

Smart Practice Mode utilizes three phases–immediate review, 24 hour session after 24 hour period and 48 hour revisit–that make effective learning methods such as testing and spacing accessible for use by students.

By spacing review sessions over time, they can better retain key information and concepts and enhance their learning experience overall.

Smart Practice Mode can only be found on Kahoot mobile apps, underscoring its commitment to offering students innovative yet accessible learning tools.

After finishing any live Kahoot game or challenge, learners can quickly access Smart Practice Mode to reinforce their understanding of material presented.

Janvi Patel