Fun Tricks to Improve Your Music Experience on iOS and Android Devices

Words will fail but the music never says Hans Chrisitan Anderson and it is very true.

Music is something that we cannot wait without and our world might feel dark and dull without music.

Almost everyone loves hearing song, in fact, they are considered as stress busters that just relaxes your mind, soul, and body.

It adds sense to the world, and smartphones and portable devices have taken the music to the next level.

We are in the world of “smart” and you just don’t experience the music, but you could actually feel the beat.

Most of us might love to stream our favorite songs online, a music app crashes or hangs frequently can be a tiresome task.

So let us see the sound boosters for iOS and Android that can enhance your music experience.

Cool Tips for Maximizing Your iOS and Android Music Experience

1. Speaker Booster for Android

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One of the best and free sound booster for Android users. This app is minimalist and simple to use so that all users can use it.  This app is very popular and has more than five million downloads.

It is safe to use and works great for both headphones and speaker. Also, you can also adjust the system and media level of your device with Speaker booster.

2. Volume Booster for iOS

Your search for the best sound booster for your iOS device search end here.  The Volume booster app, as the name implies, has all you want to experience a great music experience.

Its trial version is free to use and a has an easy to use interface that can be used by anything. No complicated options! This app can detect all the video and audio files from your iPhone making it easier for the user.

Also, this app supports audios books in all formats like Flv, mp3, much and more.

3. Super Bass Booster for Android

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An app that has great 3D surround feature. It is free to use and can be downloaded from Google Play store. This app provides a virtualized playback music option that can be used to equalize the sound at a maximum level.

4. Google Assistant for Android

You are also allowed to ask Google Assistant to play music when you are bored.

You can control what’s playing like stop, pause, resume, next, previous and find info.

The assistant also helps you to set the volume to a specific level include, increase, decrease or set it to a certain level or percentage.

Listen to music is just a few clicks with Google Assistant

•    Just say Ok Google and press the button to talk

•    Say a command – Play music

5. Sonic MaxPro for iOS

A great app for iOS that can take your music experience to a new level. It can transform all your iOS devices into a high-quality sound system. This app is very user – friendly and every iOS users should have it.

6. Siri Voice Assistant for iOS

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We all know what Siri is and how powerful it works as a voice assistant for iOS devices. It does more than ever before you ask anything. Just ask, Siri can find the music you want to listen.

Apple Music and Siri are made for each other. Which means you can ask Siri to play or find a track for you. Put an album. Or ask questions related to the band you love.

•    Long press the home button

•    Ask Siri to “Play Music” from “Specific band or movie”

7. Equalizer Music player booster for Android

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To boost beats and other volume features of your Android device, you can use this app and it can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

It provides five – band equalizer that supports every sound output from the device.

This music app can be customized, which enables you to craft your sound system.

Also, this app has both virtual and visual options that can give you the best audio quality experience on your Android device. You can also integrate this app with Android TV.

8.  SuperLoud equalizer for iOS

Offers extensive sound features. This app targets on complete sound system tools, which can be used with your other iOS devices too.

The  SuperLoud app has both advanced and basic sound elements like the spectrum analyzer, equalizer, booster, noise reduction, and others. This is one of the best apps for iOS, for music lovers.

9. Cortana for Windows

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Cortana, a digital assistant for Windows users. This smart voice assistant is not just designed to help get things done but to also play music for you.

Just launch Cortana, Sign in and ask to play a specific track for you that you love the most. Isn’t that easy?

10. KaiserTone audio player for iOS

An audio player that works fast to operate interface. This app is great for iOS users and needs iOS 7 or the latest version for functional compatibility.

This app has 4 playback modes that can control your iOS devices easily. Also, this app has an equalizer, virtual sound feature and a sleep timer to enhance your music experience on iOS devices.


Enhancing the music experience on both iOS and Android devices has never been simpler with an abundance of sound booster apps and built-in features available today.

Speaker Booster for Android or Volume Booster on iOS offer features designed specifically to suit individual preferences; other apps like Super Bass Booster or Equalizer Music player booster offer advanced options while Sonic MaxPro/SuperLoud Equalizer offer assistance specifically targeted towards iOS enthusiasts.

Voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana offer you easy ways to control music playback through voice-command.

Utilizing these tools will enhance the listening experience by offering greater sound quality and seamless control of listening experience.

Janvi Patel