Top 9 Video Streaming Platforms in the World

Video streaming has quickly gained prominence online and now occupies second place behind textual online content for usage in terms of frequency of usage.

As webmasters have experimented with various approaches for disseminating video content on their sites, many have taken different strategies that have shown great promise as VOD (Video on demand) solutions.

This technology works by enabling users to stream media through web browsers.

There are multiple uses for streaming video technology; once you understand its inner workings, you might come up with clever implementation ideas for it.

Streaming services were initially introduced as an add-on service for DVD, yet quickly transitioned into becoming the primary delivery method of TV series and movies.

These were extras in programs you enjoyed watching when they ran for their initial and repeat runs on cable, but thanks to fast internet connection speeds and video streaming devices have drastically cut cable consumption.

Let’s examine some of the top video streaming platforms currently dominating global culture, like Kodi TV. Below we have provided paid and free versions such as Netflix that we think you may like best.

9 Leading Video Streaming Platforms

1. Netflix

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Netflix, one of the world’s leading online streaming services, has gained increased acceptance across India.

Over time, this platform has successfully made use of our National language for Indian content distribution; they also secured exclusive rights for Big Fat Bollywood movies.

Indian users enjoy this platform’s English entertainment content for its originality; many subscribe to it regularly at an expensive subscription cost; there is even an offer of one month trial subscription which should not be missed out!

2. Hotstar

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Established by some of India’s best-known entertainment names, this streaming platform has long been anticipated in India.

At Star, it offers all their channels like HBO, Star World, Star Plus, Utsav & Channel V Vijay TV as well as offering thousands of TV series & movies making this platform one of the largest Indian content libraries available to viewers.

3. Amazon Prime Video

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Recently, Amazon’s rival streaming platform to Netflix, Prime Video was made available in India as an online streaming service with international content such as television shows and movies as well as original material exclusive to this service.

This platform has also adapted its offerings to satisfy the preferences of multilingual Indian users who speak a range of languages – Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Marathi among them.

4. ZEE5

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An amazing video streaming service tailored specifically for Indian audiences.

Provide users of various dialects the chance to enjoy movies dubbed in various Indian languages – from Tamil to Telugu and Hindi/Malayalam – without needing an Internet connection; they can even download content and watch it offline!

Users can enjoy LiveTV using this platform with its channel guide feature that makes watching schedule easier to organize. There are eighty channels to navigate through on this platform.

5. SonyLIV

Contrasting with some other premium services we’ve listed here, this one acts independently as a freemium streaming VOD service. With access to unlimited movies as well as TV shows, short films and family friendly content available here you will discover plenty more here than just movies!

Attracted to this platform are users who love cricket as it provides live cricket streaming which is licensed by them as well.

This app focuses on Hindi entertainment content ranging from top shows, TV series and movies – you’ve got everything here!


HOOQ, another online streaming platform popular in India, boasts of heavy content – over 10,000 TV series and movies available without incurring extra costs for subscription. Access can be gained using their mobile app; up to five devices may share one account simultaneously.

Apart from what’s listed, these also come equipped with rental plans to ensure an exceptional streaming experience and allow you to catch all the newest blockbusters without leaving home!

7. YuppTV

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Indian online streaming fans living outside India face one major difficulty: not being able to stream regional content online.

This platform, charging users outside India between $7.99 to $12.99 monthly for access, will keep you entertained for hours on end – you even receive a trial version with unlimited movies for 10 days as well as TV series entertainment too!


Online video streaming has experienced explosive growth over recent years, offering viewers multiple viewing options to select from.

Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix remain prominent players in this space with extensive libraries of international and regional content; Hotstar particularly stands out with its expansive Indian library while Amazon Prime Video caters to multilingual audiences.

Janvi Patel