How To Grow Bamboo Minecraft?

How To Grow Bamboo Minecraft

Here I will explain how to grow Bamboo in Minecraft steps.

Are you looking for ways to grow bamboo in Minecraft?

In this article, I will give you a step-by-step guide to growing bamboo shoots, its unique uses and where to find it in Minecraft.

You can grow bamboo using tools, looting, and other unique ways. The most exciting thing about bamboo plant in Minecraft is they do not need water to grow, nor are they aqua phobic.  

Also, keep in mind not to confuse sugarcane with bamboo. Both of them have similar structures to each other. Make sure you check twice.

Methods to Grow Bamboo Farm in Minecraft 

To grow a bamboo farm in Minecraft, you need to cut an existing bamboo plant, sow it in a grass block, repeat the same process multiple times and wait for them to grow; a bamboo shoot grows for 12 to 16 blocks with a light level requirement of 9 and more.

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How To Grow A Bamboo In Minecraft? – Easy Steps

Follow the given steps to grow Minecraft bamboo-

Step:1 Find a naturally emerged bamboo around the wild/forest areas. 

Step:2 Once you locate the bamboo hit it with an axe or hands to cut it down and collect as much as possible as they are scarce to find.

Step:3 Once you have the bamboo plant, you can sow it in moss blocks‌, grass blocks etc., to create a bamboo Minecraft farm. 

Step:4 If you want to increase the growth rate, you can use a bone meal. A bone meal can increase bamboo’s growth by 1-2 blocks. 

Step:5 Repeat this process several times by planting your bamboo saplings to get a gorgeous bamboo farm. Remember that a bamboo plant requires light level-9 and more to grow appropriately. 

Vola! You are now a master at growing a bamboo farm in Minecraft. You can put your skills to use!

Note: In Minecraft, you can plant bamboo in mycelium, grass blocks, coarse dirt, dirt, moss blocks‌, rooted dirt, red sand, normal sand, podzol, gravel or mud.

How to Build an Automatic Bamboo Farm in Minecraft?

Below given are the steps to grow an automatic Redstone farm in Minecraft-

Step:1 First, put a grass block below the light (approx level 9 or more).

Step:2 Then, place minecarts accompanied by hoppers below the grass block (you put under the light) to collect the necessary items.

Step:3 Insert the bamboo sapling you previously harvested inside the grass block.

Step:4 Now, start putting more grass blocks in an upward direction so that the broken bamboo plant falls on the block below it.

Step:5 Next, mount a piston facing the bamboo plant above two blocks from the grass.

Step:6 Now, place an observer on the piston while making it face the bamboo plant.

Step:7 At last, just behind the observer, place a little piece of Redstone Dust to send power to the piston.

Great! that’s how you build an automatic bamboo farm. Now you can put it to multiple uses. 

Where to Find bamboo in Minecraft?

Since finding a bamboo plant in Minecraft is infrequent, you are advised to grow them. But if you need bamboo, you can find them while fishing in the biomes. You can fish the bamboo underwater by building a fishing rod.

Another way you can find bamboo is through pandas. In Java edition, pandas drop 1 bamboo after they are killed, and in Bedrock edition, they drop 0-2 bamboos.

Besides these two ways, you can find bamboo in the deep Minecraft jungle. But they are sporadic to locate, and it takes a lot of time to find them. 

Minecraft Bamboo Uses

Minecraft Bamboo Uses.

The bamboo plant plays a very crucial part in the ecosystem. It can come to use in several ways apart from just being a decoration piece. You can use it as fuel, make tools, raise cute pandas, and do much more. 

Below given are the primary uses of Minecraft bamboo-


Since we all know pandas love to eat bamboo, it can be used to feed them and help them grow in Minecraft. You can use bamboo to help the pandas breed as well. 


You can use bamboo as a source of fuel to keep your furnace burning or use it as fuel for other tasks. But remember, you need a bamboo jungle if you wish to keep a furnace ignited for an extended period. 


You can make bamboo plantations as a piece of decoration in your Minecraft world. To add, they can also be used as Flower Pots. 

FAQs on Bamboo in Minecraft

Why Is My Bamboo Stalk Not Growing Taller At All?

Players need to remember that a bamboo plant requires light level-9 or more for it to grow at a constant rate. If they miss this critical detail or stop that constant light source from providing that energy to the bamboo plant, their bamboo stalk might stop growing. 

How Rare Is A Bamboo Forest In Minecraft?

Minecraft jungle biomes are very rare to locate in the Minecraft world. On top of that, bamboo jungles variants are the hardest to find in the game. So, you are required to keep a sharp eye on jungle biomes and on top of that, you need your luck to find a bamboo jungle to start with your bamboo farming. 

Does Cutting Bamboo Make It Grow Faster?

Yes. Cutting bamboo can make it grow faster as it boosts its growth. As you cut the bamboo from its root, it will start sprouting again from the top creating energy for the rest of the plant to grow again. 

Wrapping up

Now you know how to grow bamboo in Minecraft, its various uses and where you can locate it in the Minecraft world.

Follow all the steps given above while growing your regular bamboo farm as well as the Redstone automatic farms. If you miss a step, you will face an error in building your bamboo plants. 

Happy gaming!

Janvi Patel